Arcadia Update

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Arcadia Update

Post by Dragon » Sun Oct 28, 2018 7:21 am


Welcome to Ethernal LC's first update!

Here I will outline the new additions to our server.

- New Content: New Map of Arcadia - Explore an all new land!
- New Content: New Affinities of Arcadia - Light of Arcadia and Darkness of Arcadia
- New Content: Level 250 Level Cap - Adventure in Arcadia to reach new heights!
- New Content: Level 250 Armor/Weapon sets - Craft these via new materials earned in the map and affinities!
- New Content: Upgrade Cap increased to +25 - Masterstones +23, +24, +25 added
- New Content: New Jewels lvl 16, 17 and lvl 9 added
- More small changes here and there

More details including detailed guides and information will be posted soon, stay tuned!

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