[FAQ] Welcome to Ethernal Last Chaos!

Official News and Updates for Ethernal Last Chaos.
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[FAQ] Welcome to Ethernal Last Chaos!

Post by Dragon » Thu Oct 25, 2018 3:53 am

It is my pleasure to welcome you all to Ethernal Last Chaos!

We will open our servers in just a few days. As we welcome back old and new players alike, I would like to answer some questions and give you some details about our server.

  • Is this server based off Eternia Games Last Chaos?
    - Yes! This server is actually an exact copy of Eternia Last Chaos, up until the last day of closure. We have retained all accounts, characters, items, etc. Consider this as the new home of Eternia players, everything will be right where you left it.
  • What happened to Eternia Last Chaos?
    - Well, to put it shortly, money. EGLC ran into financial issues and was forced to close its doors after nearly 9 years of service.
  • What will happen here?
    - We will continue where we left off on EGLC, adding new content and adjusting old where seen fit. Ethernal LC is now under sole ownership of myself, this means no one else is getting the profits and the server will have some flexibility in its slow seasons. The less people expecting money, means the longer the server can run on the income it makes. This server is run entirely out of my own passion, money, and free time. Please consider donating if you appreciate our work.
  • What about my donations on EGLC?
    - Unfortunately, that is the one data along with security codes that I was not able to save in the closing process. This means any previous transaction history and cash balances are no longer available. Everyone will log into the server with 0 Cash. This is truly regrettable, however it is simply the situation at hand, on the bright side the server is not gone forever!
  • Will my old EGLC client let me play here?
    - No it will not. To play on Ethernal Last Chaos you will need to download our new client to connect to our servers. You can find our client on the main webpage or here:
Thank you to everyone for their support and we hope to see players new and old on our servers!

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